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Profile of j.a.m.Dance Theatre
j.a.m.DT collaborates with various "artists" such as designers, musicians and other dancers, to look into the relationship between body and space.
The company aims to create new works, which can involve and inspire imaginations with audiences as well as to performers.
j.a.m. Dance Theatre was formed in 2002. The company was founded with a desire to create unique contemporary performance in Japan.
Since the foundation, the company has had great success with several new works including the SAVOY. j.a.m.DT had been invited to perform in the "Next Next 4" in Tokyo, December 2003.
The company held their public performance "m/m" at the Itami AI HALL in 2004, and "In The Silent Cloudless Night" at Kobe Art Village Center in 2005.
After the big success of "In The Silent Cloudless Night", 2005, j.a.m.DT had been chosen for the resident artist of "TAKE A CHANCE PROJECT", organized by Itami AI HALL, which given many opportunities to create new projects.
In 2008, j.a.m.DT has participated in "We're Gonna Go Dancing!! Vol.9"-JCDN Tour Project- with "tango", touring several places in Japan.
The piece performed in the tour had been selected once again to perform for "We're Gonna Go Dancing!! Vol.9 SPECIAL in ITAMI & TOKYO", Mar.2009.
j.a.m.DT has had success with many works, not only in Japan but also overseas, such as Korea and Portugal, since the company was formed in 2002.
Not only performing on stage, the company has recently started dance classes and workshops, where teaches dance techniques for adults to children.
History of j.a.m.Danc Theatre
2006.9 「Carlo×Carlo」
("a sul" X Festival Internacional de Danca Contemporanea ,Portgal)
3 「Carlo×Carlo」
(dB Physical Arts Festival Osaka BABA at Art Theater dB, Osaka)
2005.10 「Dummy People」
(AI・HALL Dance Collection“Take a chance project”at AI・HALL, Itami)
(CIDance 2005 Pre Event “Danceing City Project”at Seoul Station & COEX, Korea)
3 「In The Silent Cloudless Night」
(KAVC Challenge Theatre Selection / Kobe Art Village Centre, Kobe)
2004.8 「m/m [full version] 」
(Itami AI-HALL Support"j.a.m.Dance Theatre performance"/ Itami)
(ALTY BUYOH FESTIVAL'04 / Kyoto Humin Hall "ALTY", Kyoto)
2003.12 「m/m [short version]」
(SAISON THEATER PROGRAM "NEXT NEXT 4" Park Tower Next Dance Festival Pre Event / Morishita Studio, Morishita Tokyo)
6 「Eclectic 3/5」
3 「Flaming! [full version]」
(KAVC Challenge Theatre Joint Performance"4 pieces" / Kobe Art Village Centre, Kobe)
2 「Flaming! [20 min.version]」
(Yokohama Dance Collection 2003 " solo x duo <competition>" / Yokohama Akarenga Souko, Yokohama)
2002.11 「Flaming! [short version]」
(DANCE BOX " DANCE CIRCUS 20 " / Art Theater dB, Osaka)
2002.2 「SAMANTHA」
(Kinki University Art Festival / Kinki University, Osaka)
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